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Tom Corbett - Space Cadet
1951-55 / 58 episodes / b&w

Tales of Tomorrow
1951-53 / 86 episodes / b&w

Space Patrol
1950-55 / 200+ episodes / b&w

Television came of age after World War II and a staple of the American household during the early 1950s.  Broadcasters saw the huge market for family programming and science fiction was a big part of that.  It was popular at the movies and appealed to both children and adults. The budgets on these early live TV shows were almost non-existent, so producers had to be exceedingly clever and creative with their storylines to keep viewers coming back for more, week after week.

Mr. Krane
1956 / 60 min / color

Flash Gordon
1954-55 / 39 episodes / b&w

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