The Basketball Fix

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Starring John Ireland, Marshall Thompson, Vanessa Brown, William Bishop, Hazel, Brooks, Johnny Sands, Robert Hyatt, Walter SDande. Screenplay by Peter R. Brooke and Charles K. Peck, Jr. Cinematography by Stanley Cortez. Music by Raoul Kraushaar. Produced by Edward Leven. Directed by Felix E. Feist.

Prominent sports writer Pete Ferreday (John Ireland), watches helplessly as promising young basketball star Johnny Long (Marshall Thompson) becomes involved with the mob. Tempted by easy money and the desire of a love affair with the lovely Pat Judd (Vanessa Brown), the young athlete plays right into the hands of the mob and becomes part of a point shaving scheme to fix games. Can the newspaper man intervene and save Johnny or is he already in too deep .

A Jack Broder Production - Released by Realart Pictures 
Running Time: 65  min. - b&w - mono