Two-Dollar Bettor

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Starring John Litel, Marie Windsor, Steve Brodie, Barbara Logan, Robe. Screenplay by Bill Raynor, based on the novel by Howard Emmett Rogers. Cinematography by Charles Van Enger. Music by Irving Gertz. Executive Producer: Jack Broder. Produced and directed by Howard L. Chan.

Banker John Hewitt is a respected pillar of the community. A sensible businessman. But one afternoon he is persuaded by friends to make an  two-dollar bet at the racetrack. As fortune would have it, his horse comes in first and he wins $200. Hewitt is intrigued by the easy return-on-investment and soon begins to frequent the track and make larger bets. His good luck prevails for a time and Hewitt rakes in a tidy sum of easy money. But soon he hits a losing streak and loses all of his winnings, but also all of his life's savings and thousands of dollars he embezzled from the bank. As he spins out-of-control, Hewitt desperately steals more from the bank to bet on one last bet. A "sure thing." Can he win his life back or is he doomed to lose it all?

A Jack Broder Production - Released by Realart Pictures, Inc. 
Running Time: 72  min. - b&w - mono