Kid Monk Baroni

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Starring Leonard Nimoy, Bruce Cabot, Richard Rober, Ailene Roberts, Mona Knox, Jack Larson, Kathleen Freeman, Budd Jaxson, Archer MacDonald. Screenplay by Aben Kandel. Music by Herschel Burke Gilbert. Photographed by Charles Van Enger. Directed by Harold Schuster. Produced by Jack Broder.

A rousing rough and tumble story of a street gang in New York's "Little Italy." A young Leonard Nimoy, in his first screen role as "Monk", a tough street kid who, with the mentoring of a boxing priest, becomes a professional fighter and rises to the heights of success in the sordid world of boxing. The manager, played by Bruce Cabot, is best known for his role in KING KONG.  Filmed against the background of professional boxing, gold-digging sex kittens, the crooked world of gambling and the Syndicate. Aflame with all the exitement of romance, greed and Golden Gloves action!

A Jack Broder Production - Released by Realart Productions 
Originally released in 1952 - Running Time: 80  min. - b&w - mono