Paris Underground

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Starring Constance Bennett, Gracie Fields, George Rigaud, Kurt Kreuger, Leslie Vincent. Screenplay by Boris Ingster and Gertrude Purcell, based on the story by Etta Shiber. Cinematography by Lee Garmes. Music by Alexander Tansman. Musical Supervisor: David Chudnow. Produced by Constance Bennett and Carley Harriman. Executive Producer: Harry  A. Gourfair. Directed by Gregory Ratoff.

Thrilling and suspenseful World War II tale about two women - one American and one French, who are members of the French Underground Resistance against the Nazis occupying France. The women come across a wounded British RAF pilot and take him in and hide him from the Germans. Now they have to figure out how to smuggle him out of the country right under the noses of the Nazis. Actress/producer Constance Bennett creates a very striking and atmospheric WW II thriller.

Constance Bennett Production - Released by United Artists 
Originally released October 19, 1945 - British title: MADAME PIMPERNEL
Running Time: 97  min. - b&w - mono