The Devil's Sleep

Starring Lita Grey, William Thomason, William Charles, Timothy Ferrell, Fred Smith and Muriel Gardner. Screenplay by Richard S. McMahan and Danny Arnold. Cinematography by William C. Thompson. Produced by George Weiss. Directed by W. Merle Connell

Umberto Scali has returned from a prison sentence with two lucrative enterprises; a women's health spa that gives the women Dinitrophenenol tablets that reduce weight but may have dangerous side effects, and selling Benzedrine to teenagers through a young man who provides them through swinging parties held at a house owned by Scali.

Judge Rosalind Ballentine and police Detective Sergeant Dave Kerrigan unite to end the menace, but Scali attempts to blackmail the judge with photographs of his daughter Margie, willfully naked and stoned at one of the parties. But Ballentine stands up to him and virtue wins in the end. 

            Produced by Screen Classics in 1948. 70 min. - b&w - mono

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