Sinful Souls

Starring Jack Ingram, Ann Ross, Olin Francis and Carl Mathews. Screenplay by Del Frazier. Produced and directed by Del Frazier.

"The crusading Dr. Kent tries to convince the district attorney to clean up the local abortion racket and help open a birth control clinic. But when Kent is dismissed from the hospital, troubles actually begin."  John Waters

Birth control and abortion were touchy subjects in 1939 as it remains today. What may be surprising is that it was not completely taboo and several early films dealt with it at least peripherally, none more than SINFUL SOULS which was devoted to the controversial subject for its entirety. The story revolves around a crusading doctor and District Attorney who take on the local back alley abortionist. 

SINFUL SOULS  (aka unborn souls) marked one of the last films to deal with birth control for decades, as the mere mention of it would bring on immediate censorship.

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