Street Corner

Starring Joseph Crehan, Marcia Mae Jones, Jean Fenwick, Don Brodie, John Treul and Billie Jean Eberhart. Screenplay by Jack Jungmeyer, based on the story by Albert Kelley. Cinematography by Virgil Miller. Music by Bernard Katz. Produced by James M. Doane and George McCall. Directed by Albert Kelley.

Lois Marsh, a naive small-town girl gets pregnant on her prom night. She and her boyfriend, Bob, decide to marry in secret, but Bob dies In a car accident on his way to meet Lois. Lois then confides in a waitress who directs her to a neighborhood abortionist. After the abortionist completes the procedure, Lois passes out on the street. She is immediately brought to her family doctor where she tells him what has happened.  The movie concludes with the doctor giving a sex education lecture to teens and their parents.
       Produced by Wilshire Pictures Corp. - Distributed by Viro Pictures
              Originally released Dec. 3, 1948 - 73 min. b&w - mono

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