The Golden Twenties

Feature length compilaton of 1920s newsreel footage with commentary about news, sports, lifestyle and historical figures. 

THE GOLDEN TWENTIES is a 1950 documentary which utilizes footage from the popular MARCH OF TIME newsreels. The film was produced by MARCH OF TIME producer Richard de Rochemont. Narrated by Fredrick Lewis Allen, Robert Q. Lewis, Allen Prescott, Red Barber and Elmer Davis.

Featuring John Barrymore, Irving Berlinm, Al Capone, Enrico Caruso, Charles Chaplin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, George Gershwin, Harry Houdini, Charles Lindberg, J.P. Morgan, Babe Ruth, Johnny Weissmuler, H.G. Wells and many other notable figures. 

     Distirbuted byTime, Inc. - Produced by March of Time Productions
          Originally reelased April 8, 1950 - 68 min. - b&w - mono 

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