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Before television, documentaries and educational films were popular at theatres to help inform (i.e. influence) people on taboo subjects such as sex and illicit drug use.  By today's standards, these films seem laughable, but back in the day, these "educational" films were one the only avenues one had to learn about such "taboo" subjects (with a little dose of morality on the side).  

Street Corner
1948 / 73 min. / b&w

Mom and Dad
1945 / 97 min. / b&w

Sinful Souls
1939 /  min. / b&w

Glen or Glenda
1953 / 67 min. / b&w

She Shoulda Said No
1949 / 70 min. / b&w

The Devil's Sleep
1949 / 71 min. / b&w

The Golden Twenties
1950 / 68 min. / b&w