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Robert L. Lippert started as a film exhibitor, owning a chain of movie theatres in California and Oregon before getting into film production and distribution.  He produced and released hundreds of movies from the late 1940s through the mid-1950s.  In 1951, Time magazine dubbed Lippert, "The Quickie King," in reference to the speed with which he turned out movies. During this period, Lippert put out some real classics, including Rocketship X-M and the Academy Award nominated docu-drama, Navajo.

Unknown World
1950 / 99 min. / b&w

Project Moonbase
1950 / 99 min. / b&w

Lost Continent
1949 / 92 min. / b&w and sepia

1953 / 74 min. / b&w

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1951 / 70 min. / b&w

Robert L. Lippert
Producer / Distributor

Rocketship X-M
1950 / 77 min. / b&w and sepia