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Harry and Leo Popkin got into the film business running  a chain of movie theatres in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  In the early 1940s, the brothers got into film production, making a series of "All-Black" features, including The Duke is Tops starring Lena Horne. In the following years, the Popkins would produce some of the finest independent films to come out of Hollywood during the 40s and 50s, including the film noir thrillers, D.O.A. and Impact, the screwball comedies, Champagne for Caesar and My Dear Secretary, the Academy Award-nominated drama, The Well, and the definitive Agatha Christie whodunit, And Then There Were None.    

Leo Popkin
Writer / Director

And Then There Were None
1945 / 97 min. / b&w

Harry M. Popkin
Producer / Executive Producer

The Big Wheel
1949 / 92 min. / b&w

1949 / 111 min. / b&w

My Dear Secretary
1948 / 94 min. / b&w

The Second Woman
1950 / 91 min. / b&w

Champagne for Caesar
1950 / 99 min. / b&w

1950 / 83 min. / b&w

The Thief
1952 / 85 min. / b&w

The Well
1951 / 86 min. / b&w

1950 / 79 min. / b&w

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