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Plan 9 From Outer Space
1958 / 72 min. / b&w

Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Writer - Director - Producer - Actor

Bride of the Monster
1956 / 68 min. / b&w

Edward D. Wood, Jr. is now a cinema legend. But when he died in December, 1978 at the age 54, there were no obituaries in the movie trade periodicals. In fact, there were no obits anywhere.  He died a forgotten man.  Ironically, that same month his long-unseen film, GLEN OR GLENDA, was revived as a midnight movie, playing to sold-out crowds in New York and Los Angeles.

Too much nonsense has been written about Ed Wood.  His original reputation as a "bad" director derives primarily through Forry Ackerman's FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine and Cal Beck's CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN magazine. This "bad press" led to Wood's inclusion in THE GOLDEN TURKEY AWARDS books of the early 1980s. And that, unfortunately, pretty much sealed Wood's reputation as "The World's Worst Director."

The attacks on Wood derive from a most peculiar cultural snobbism.  Why is FLASH GORDON beloved "camp", and Andy Warhol's films "sublime art"?  Wood's movies have qualities of both these examples, yet he is dismissed as a "talentless, trash filmmaker."   Wood was a true original and a great stylist.  He was certainly no hack.  His films are full of surprises and clever tongue-in-cheek dialogue.  He wrote and directed the movies he wanted to make, his own way.  As the great Edgar Allen Poe opined, 165 years ago, "Invectives against originality proceed only from persons at once hypocritical and commomplace." 

                                                                                         Notes by Rudoph Grey, author of NIGHTMARE IN ECSTASY, November, 2014

1954 / 71 min. / b&w

Night of the Ghouls
1958 / 70 min. / b&w

The Violent Years
1958 / 57 min. / b&w

Glen or Glenda
1953 / 67 min. / b&w

Crossroad Avenger
TV Pilot / 1953 / 30 min. / color

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The Sinister Urge
1960 / 71 min. / b&w

Poster Image

The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr.
(includes Ed's first film, Streets of Loredo)
1995 / 89 min. / color and b&w

Flying Saucers Over Hollywood:
The Plan 9 Companion
1992 / 111 min. / color

Dead Talk Back
19?? / ?? min. / b&w