365 Nights In Hollywood

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Starring Alice Faye, James Dunn, Frank Mitchell, Jack Durant, John Bradford, Grant Mitchell, Frank Melton, John Qualen. Screenplay by William Conselman and Henry Johnon. Choreographed by Sammy Lee. Music and Lyrics by Sindey Clare. Produced by Sal Wurtzel. Directed by George Marshall. 

A rare look at Alice Faye, the "Harlow" starlet, before the makeover that made her the number one box-office star of the day. Alice sings, dances and romances in a musical comedy that gave hope, glamour and happiness to millions during the Great Drepression. Alice plays a car hop lured into a phony drama school by a washed-up director.

Considered a "lost film" for over six decades, the movie was "preserved" from the only surviving print by the late Frank Moshier, Alice Faye's biographer.     

A Fox First  Production - Originally released October 12, 1934
74 min. - b&w- mono