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Starring Jerry Wallace, Little Cora Rice, Hobie Shepp and the Cowtown Wranglers, Norlee Bebnedict, James Lantz, Dora Wells, Pat McReynolds, Keith Painton. Screenplay by Robert Altman and Robert Woodburn. Cinematography by Robert Woodburn. Exewctuve Producer: Elmer C. Rhoden, Jr. Directed by Robert Woodburn. 

Down-home backstage musical about a local TV variety show called "The Pinwhistle Popcorn Hour".  Country-western crooner Johnny Wilson is the host of the show and Thaddeus Pinwhistle, president of Pinwhistle Popcorn has put up all his money to underwrite the show  to promote his new special  popcorn. But ehind-the-scenes, all is not well. The shows ad man, Waldo Crummit, is secretly working for Pinwhistle's competitor to ensure the show is a  flop, which will bankrupt Pinwhistle and drive him out of business. Can Jerry, Cora  and the Gang  save the show?  Fun, low-budget musical co-scripted by Robert Altman (M*A*S*H, McCABE AND MRS. MILLER).

A Crest Production - Originally released regionally in January, 1956
58 min. - b&w - mono