Dishonored Lady

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Starring Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O'Keefe, John Lodder, Natalie Schafer, William Lundigan, Morris Carnovsky and Margaret Hamilton. Screenplay by Edmund H. North, based on the play by Edward Sheldon and Margaret Ayer Barnes. Cinematography by Lucien Andriot. Produced by Jack Chertok. Executive Producer: Hunt Stromberg. Directed by Robert Stevenson (by special arrangement with David O. Selznick). 

Madeleine Damien (Hedy Lamarr) is living life in the fast lane - working as a fashion editor at a posh New York magazine by day and as an unhinhibited party girl after dark in the Manhattan night scene. But it finally catches up with her and she has a breakdown.  At the advice of her psychiatrist, she takes a leave of absence where she isn't known. All is going well and she has even caught the eye of her handsome wealthy neighbor (Dennis O'Keefe), but when he is killed, she is implicated in the murder by a jealous ex-suitor. Can she clear her name or will she spend the rest of her days in prison?     

A Hunt Stromberg Production - Released by United Artists
Originally released March 16, 1947 - 85 min. - b&w- mono