Doll Face

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Starring Vivian Blaine, Carmen Miranda, Perry Como, Dennis O'Keefe, Martha Stewart, Michael Dunne. Screenplay by Leonard Praskins, based on the play, THE NAKED GENIUS,  by Gypsy Rose Lee.  Music by Jimmy McHugh and Harold Adamson. Dances staged by Kenny Williams. Cinematography by Joseph LaShelle.  Produced by Bryan Foy.  Directed by Lewis Seller. 

A veteran burlesque queen yearns for the big time and publishes her autobiography (ghost written by a high society writer) in order to make a splash on Broadway. A racy semi-biographical tale by legendary burlesque queen-turned-actress, Gypsy Rose Lee.  Great music and dance numbers with Vivian Blaine and Carmen Miranda. Perry Como sings his hit, "Hubba, Hubba, Hubba".  Top talent in a wonderfully entertaining backstage musical as only 20th Century Fox could make!     

Produced and released by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Originally released December 13, 1945 - 80 min. - b&w- mono