Hell Ship Mutiny

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Starring Jon Hall, John Carradine, Peter Lorre, Roberta Haynes, Mike Mazurki, Charles Mauu, Stanley Adams, Felix Locher and Salty the Chimp. Screenplay by DeVallon Scott and Wells Root. Cinematography by Sam Leavitt. Music by Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter. Executive Producer: Jon Hall. Directed by Lee Sholem and Elmo Williams. 

Captain Jim Knight (Jon Hall, star of THE HURRICANE), travels the South Seas and has the cruel luck of making port on an island run by a couple of modern-day pirates (John Carradine and Mike Mazurki).  They've enslaved the native Timtunga tribe to pearl-dive for them at depths of up to 100 feet (which has killed off most of the native men). Now Captain Knight and his crew are  captured and forced to pearl-dive for the pirates. To complicate matters, Knight finds himself falling in love with the Timtunga Princess Mareva.  Can the captain get help from the corrupt visiting French commissioner (played to comic perfection by screen legend Peter Lorre) or is  he and his crew doomed to die at the hands of the pirates? High adventure on the South Seas!      

A Lovina Production - Released by Republic Pictures
Originally released December 7, 1957 - 66 min. - b&w - mono