The Golden Mistress

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Starring John Agar, Rosemarie Bowe, Abner Biberman, Andre Narcisse, Jaques Molant, and Kiki. Screenplay by Lee Hewitt and Joel Judge (Abner Biberman). Produced by Richard Kay and Harry Rybnick. Produced by Sam X. Abarbanel. Directed by Joel Judge (Abner Biberman). 

When her father mysteriously dies from a Haitian voodoo curse, Ann Dexter (played by Rosemarie Bowe, beautiful wife of Robert Stack) hires soldier-of-fortune John Agar (CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON) to track down her father's killer and find the Lost Treasure of Tigris. Filmed on-location in Haiti at the sacred ruins of Christopher's San Souci and the Citadel. Adventure and suspense abound with authentic voodoo rituals captured on film for the first time in vivid Technicolor.     

An R.K. Production - Released by United Artists  
Originally released October 29, 1954 - 82 min. - color - mono