The Son of Monte Cristo

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Starring Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, George Sanders,  Florence Bates, Lionel Royce, Montagu Love, Ian Wolfe, Clayton Moore, Ralph Byrd.  Screenplay by George Bruce, based on the novel by Alexander Dumas.  Cinematography by George Robinson. Music by Edward Ward. Executive Producer: Edward Small. Produced and directed by Rowland V. Lee. 

Louis Hayward (the screen's original Simon Templar in THE SAINT IN NEW YORK) stars as Edmond Dantes, Jr., the son of the original Count of Monte Cristo, in this high-spirited swashbucking adventure.  George Sanders (who ironically played The Saint after Hayward in the THE SAINT STRIKES BACK) portrays the devious General Gurko Lanen, tyrantical ruler of the small European nation of Lichtenburg.  The rightful ruler, Duchess Zona (Joan Bennett) has fled the country to seek the help of Napolean III.  As fate would have it, she crosses paths with Count Dantes, who is taken with the beautiful duchess and offers his assistance in helping her overthrow the General and regain the throne -- at his own peril! Louis Hayward and Joan Bennett reteam (from THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK) in this entertaining sword and swashbuckling adventure.     

A Edward Small Production - Released by United Artists  
Originally released January 10, 1940 - 102 min. - b&w- mono