She Shall Have Music

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Starring Jack Hylton and his Famous International Band, June Clyde, Marjorie Brooks, Gwen Farrar, Brian Lawrence, Claude Dampier. Screenplay by Paul England, H. Fowler Mear and Arthur Macrae. Musical numbers by Maurice Sigler and Al Goodhart. Produced by Julius Hagen. Directed by Leslie Hiscott. 

The biggest international musical extravaganze ever brought to the screen (up until that time). Ace producer Julius Hagen spared no expense in recruiting the most talented artists from around the world for this sensational screen musical. Inspired by the rollicking burlesque shows of the Ziegfeld Follies and grandious fproduction numbers of the Busby Berkeley musicals. From light comedy  to hot jazz, beautiful ballerinas to racy can-can girls, SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC showcases the finest in song and dance. Now that's entertainment!     

A Julius Hagen Production - Released by Imperial Pictures   
Originally released in 1935 - 81 min. - b&w- mono