Naughty New Orleans

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Starring Bob Carney, Jean Carroll, Collette D'Ray, Gil Frye, Julianne, Sheila Lane, Allouette LeBlanc, Kitty Montmartre, Pork Chops & Kidney Beans, Rita Parker, Stormy. Screenplay by Paul Leslie Peil. Cinematography by Francois Audibert and Thomas Brannigan. Gowns by Pierre Celestin. Directed by Sidney Baldwin. 

Unbeknownest to her boyfriend, a pretty young woman secretly works as a stripper at a Bourbon Street night club. Until one night he happens to wander into the club and sees her performing on-stage.     

A Rebel Pictures Production - Released by Union Film Distributors, Inc.  
Originally released in Los Angeles on April 29, 1955 - 87 min. - color - mono