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Starring Gabriele Ferzetti, Marta Toren, Nadia Gray, Paolo Stoppa, Myriam Bru, Sergio Tofano. Screenplay by Leonardo Benvenuti, Carmine Gallone, Glauco Pellegrini and Aldo Bizzarri. Cinematography by Claude Renoir. Music by Francesco Molinari Pradelli. Produced by Antonio Muso and Luigi Rovere. Executive Producer: Angelo Rizzoli. Directed by Carmine Gallone. 

Produced in Italy in breathtaking Technicolor, this biographical story of Giacomo Puccini (Gabriele Ferzetti) spans his creative life from early student days to the height of success, including his early flop Madama Butterfly and his incomplete Turandot. Along the way he encounters three women who change his life, including a sexy, beautiful singer (Nadia Gray) whom he drops for a small town girl (Marta Toren), and a servant girl who commits suicide over him. Sets, costumes and production values are first class, all sumptuously filmed by Claude Renoir.     

A Rizzoli Film Production - Released by Dear Films
Originally released April 29, 1953 - 119 min. - color - mono