Run for the Hills

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Starring Sonny Tufts. Barbara Peyton, John Harmon, Mauritz Hugo, Vicci Raaf, Jack Wrightson, Paul Maxey, Harry Lewis. Screenplay by Marioun Parsonnet (as Richard Stroup), based on ta story by Leonard Neubauer. Cinematography by Paul Ivanechevitch. Music by Raoul Kraushaar. Produced by R.D. Ervin and Mark O. RIce. Executive Producer: Ted Lewis. Directed by Lew Landers. 

Business man Sonny Tufts is concerned about the possibility of Nuclear War. SInce the government is conducting H-Bomb tests, he decides to be pro-active and plan for the worse-case scenerio.  He buys a mine up in the hills and moves hismself and his wife (Barbara Peyton) up into the cave. But all doesn't go as planned. The public turns on them (after they've been used on TV in a publicity stunt) and then they discover that the mine is earhtquake prone and that they aren't ssafe in it.  But all is well in the end when they discover a rich vein of gold running through the old mine. Memorable screen gem and a novel twist on what is now known as the "Survivalist Movement."     

A Jack Broder Production - Released by Realart Pictures, Inc.
Originally released in June, 1953 - 72 min. - b&w- mono