Sanders of the River

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Starring Leslie Banks, Paul Robeson, Nina Mae McKinney, Martin Walker, Robert Cochrane, Richard Grey, Toto Ware.  Screenplay by Lajos Brio and Jeffrey Dell, based on the novel by Edgar Wallace. Cinematography by Osmond Borradaile, Louis Page and Georges Perinal. Produced by Alexander Korda. Directed by Zoltan Korda. 

British Officer Col. Sanders (Leslie Banks) is in charge of British Colonial Nigeria in West Africa. He is respected by the local tribes for his intergrity and fairness.  Especially by chief Bosambo (Paul Robeson), an educated leader who is Sander's staunch friend and ally. But when Sanders goes on leave, King Mofolaba (Toto Ware), the chief of a warring tribe, spreads rumors of Sander's death and kidnaps Bosambo's wife (Nina Mae McKinney).  Bosambo tries to rescue her, but is captured himself. Sander's returns, but can he save Bosambo and his wife in time and restore peace to the jungle, or is war between the tribes inevitable?     

A London FIlm Production - Released by United Artists  
Originally released April 8, 1935 - 98 min. - b&w- mono