Ski Troop Attack

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Starring Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo, Richard Sinatra, James Hoffman, Chan Biggs, Tom Staley, David Mackie. Screenplay by Charles B. Griffith. Music by Fred Katz. Edited by Anthony Carras. Produced and directed by Roger Corman. 

In the snow-covered mountains of Germany during World War II, a U.S. Army Ski Patrol is  given the death-defying mission of going deep behind enemy lines into Nazi territory to reach a strategically-important railroad bridge and blow it up.  Taut, suspenseful war thriller from low-budget film master, Roger Corman (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS). Starring Michael Forest, one of Roger and Gene Corman's favorite "go-to" actors. Shot in the Black Hills of South Dakota over a 10 day period. To off-set production costs, Roger's brother Gene filmed the snow-bound horror thriller, BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE at the same time, using the same locations, same writer and same lead cast.  

 Originally r eleased April 8, 1960 on a double bill with
Released by The Filmgroup, Inc. - 63 min. - b&w- mono