The Fighting Sullivans

Starring Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell, Selena Royle, Ward Bond, Bobby Driscoll, Addison Richards. Screenplay by Mary C. McCall, based on the story by Edward Doherty and Jules Schemer. Cinematography by Lucien N. Andriot. Produced by Sam Jaffe. Directed by Lloyd Bacon. 

Heroic and  patriotic true story of the five Sullivan Brothers of Waterloo, Iowa, who enlisted in the Navy after the attacks at Pearl Harbor, under the condition they not be seperated and serve together. They all heroically lost their lives  together on the USS Juno in the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. A moving tale of the loyalty of family, love of country and tragedy of sacrifice during times of war.   Academy Award winners Thomas Mitchell (GONE WITH THE WIND) and Anne Baxter (THE RAZOR'S EDGE) are captivating as the patriarch and matriarch of the Sullivan family. One of the most memorable films to come out of Hollywood during the 1940s!

A Twentieth Century Fox Production - 111 min. - b&w - mono
Originally released under the title THE SULLIVANS on Feb. 3, 1944
Re-Released as THE FIGHTING SULLIVANS by Realart Pictures 

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