Murder By Television

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Starring Bela Lugosi, June Collyer, Hattie McDaniel, Huntley Gordon, George Meeker, Henry Mowbray, Charles Hill Mailes. Screenplay by Joseph O'Donnell, based on the idea by Clarence Hennecke and Carl Coolidge. Cinematography by James S. Brown, Jr.  Edited by Leslie Wilder. Produced by William M. Pizer. Executive Producer and director: Clifford Sanforth. 

Inventor James Houghland has discoverd a revolutionary new method to broadcast television signals anywhere in the world simultaneously. Pressured by the broadcast companies to sell them the technology, he refuses. And in the middle of the initial demonstration  Houghland is mysteriously murdered! Now it's up to Police Chief Nelson to unmask the murderer from the many suspects present. Classic "whodunit" myystery with Bela Lugosi playing duel roles as twin brothers -- one the honorable lab assistant of Houghland, and the other a crooked criminal, impersonating his brother so he can get his hands on the technology and sell it to a rival communications kingpin.     

A Cameo Pictures Production - Released by Imperial Distributing Corp.
Originally released October 1, 1935 - 53 min. - b&w- mono