Beast From Haunted Cave

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Starring Michael Forest, Sheila Carol, Frank Wolff, Richard SInatra, Wally Campo, Linne Ahistrand, Christopher Robinson. Screenplay by Charles B. Griffith. Cinematography by Andrew Costikyan. Beast Created by Christopher Robinson. Music by Alexander Laszlo. Executive Producer: Roger Corman. Produced by  Gene Corman. Directed by Monte Hellman. 

In the black hills of South Dakota's ski country lurks a blood-starved creature hidden in the depths of an old mine. A beast that lures people into its lair, binds them with its secretions and feeds off their blood, keeping them in a comatous  state between life and death. A gang of fugitives trapped in the mine by a blizzard must fight off the hideous creature in the biggest battle of their lives!  Produced by Roger and Gene Corman.     

A Northern Pictures Production - Released by The Filmgroup 
Originally released October 30, 1959 - 75 min. - b&w- mono