The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse

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Starring Jeff East, Charles Martin Smith, Kelly Moran, Sandra Vacey, David Hayward, Hal Smith, Brad Davis. Screenplay by David Ketchem and Bruce Shelly. Cinematography by Donald G. Knight. Editied by Carol Littleton. Executive Producer: Robert Fridley. Produced by Douglas Curtis and Bruce Shelly.  Directed by Douglas Curtis. 

College freshman Craig Lewis (Jeff East of SUPERMAN fame) rushes a fraternity and during a hazing ritual witnesses another pledge, Barney (Charles Martin Smith from THE UNTOUCHABLES) break his leg.  Craig has to leave Barney behind to complete the hazing initiation and later discovers that Barney somehow died from complications of the injury. Dazed and confused, Craig doesn't know what to do!  The other frat brothers convince Craig that they have to cover up the accident and hide the body.  But is everything as it seems?      

A Miraleste Company Production - Released by M&M Films  
Originally released December 16, 1977 - 90 min. - color - stereo