House of Darkness

Starring Laurence Harvey, Lesley Brook, John Stuart, George Melachrino, Lesley Osmond, Henry Oscar. Screenplay by John Gilling, based on the story by Betty Davies. Music by George Melachrino. Produced by Harry Reynolds. Directed by Oswald Mitchell. 

Conductor George Melachrino (playing himself) explains how he came to write the piece of music. Flashback to when he spent the night in a haunted mansion and heard music in the air and another flashback introducing us to Francis (Laurence Harvey), a selfish brat who does everything in his power to get control of the house, including the psychological torture of his two brothers.  However, things come back to haunt him ... literally!    

Produced by Harry Reynolds Productions (as International Motion Pictures)
Released by British Lion Film Corporation (U.K.)  and Realart Pictures (U.S.)
Originally released in 1948 - 63 min. - b&w - mono

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