Starring Nancy Malone, Eric Fleming, Frank Marth, Humphery Davis, Elizabeth Watts. Screenplay by Myles Wilder. Cinematography by J. Burgi Contner. Produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder. 

Dr. Hamilton (Eric Fleming) a renowned hypnotherapist, succesfully puts a serial killer trapped on a bridge into a deep trance so the police can arrest him without incident. An onlooker at the scene, Ann Summers (Nancy Malone) is simultaneously hypnotized and visits Hamilton in his office. The doctor begins treatments for her,  diagnosing it as an instance of dual personaility.  That her body is being shared with the reincarnatioed Austian Baroness Maria Vetsera, lover of Hapsburg Crown Prince Rudolph, and participant in the infamous sex scandal that culminated in their mutual suicide in 1889.     

A Planet FIlmways Production - Released by Exploitation Productions  
Originally released September 1956 - 68 min. - b&w- mono

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