She Demons

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Starring Irish McCulla, Tod Griffin, Victor Sen Yung, Rdolph Anders, Gene Roth, Leni Tana and the Diana Nellis Dancers. Original story and screenplay by Richard E. Cunha and H.E. Barrie. Music by Nicolas Carras. Cinematography by Meredith Nicholson. Produced by Arthur A. Jacobs. Directed by Richard E. Cunha. 

A hurricane shipwrecks an expedition of American treasure-hunters on an uncharted Pacific Island. Searching for food, the Americans happen upon a secret Nazi base where a sadistic scientist is conducting experiments on a tribe of local jungle maidens. Horrific experiements that mutate the island beauties into hideous savage she-creatures! Starring statuesque blonde beauty, Irish McCulla (TV's original SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE).     

A Screencraft Enterprises Production - Released by Astor Pictures  
Originally released in 1958 - 77 min. - b&w- mono