Teenage Zombies

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Starring Don Sullivan, Katherine Victor, Steve Conte, Paul Pepper, Brianne Murphy, Mitzi Alpertson, Jay Hawk. Screenplay by Jerry Warren (as Jaques Lecotier). Cinematography by Allen Chandler. Musical Director: Jerry Warren (as Erich Bromberg). Produced and directed by Jerry Warren. 

A group of teenagers out waterskiing discover a remote island and land their boat ashore to check it out. They are met by a mysterious woman and her zombies, who capture the teens and lock them in cages. The youths are now the unwilling test subjects of the mad commie scientist who wants to turn them into zombies (and ultimately, everyone in America into zombies!)  How can the teens hope to escape?  Entertaining drive-in theatre fare in all of it's low-budget glory by B-movie producer / director Jerry Warren (THE INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD and FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND).     

A GBM Production - Released by Governor Films, Inc.  
Originally released in 1960 - 73 min. - b&w- mono