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Starring Francis Kee Teller, John Mitchell, Mrs. Kee Teller, Billy Draper, Hall Bartlett, Vrigil Miller, Cozy McSparron, Sammy Ogg. Cinematography by Virgil Miller. Music by Leith Stevens. Produced by Hall Bartlett. Written and directed by Norman Foster.

Striking black and white documentary about a Navajo boy  and his absorption, against his will, into a white man's school where two teachers try to befriend him. He runs away and leads them into a canyon he knows well. Here he sets a trap which corners the older men on a ledge. The boy leaves, content to leave them there, then reminded of the gift of one of them, decides not to "think black thoughts" against the white man, but to attempt to get along with him. The film ends abruptly as he runs to get help for the stranded teachers. This is the third documentary to be nominated by the Academy in a category other than Best Documentary. NAVAJO was nominated for Best Documentary and also Best Black and White Cinematography.

A Lippert Pictures  Production - Released by Lippert Pictures 
Running Time: 70  min. - b&w - mono