A Date With Death

Starring Gerald Mohr, Liz Renay, Robert Clarke, Stepahnie Farnay, Harry Lauter, Ed Erwin, Lew Markman, Ray Dearhorn, Keene Duncan. Screenplay by Robert C. Dennis, Cinematography by Carl E. Gutherie. Produced by William S. Edwards. Executive Producers: Hal C. Becker and Robert Corrigan. Directed by Harold Daniels. 

Drifter Mike Mason (Gerald Mor) finds a car on the side of the road with a corpse inside. He changes clothes with the dead man and takes the car. Soon he is pulled over by two motorcycle cops, who ask for his ID. He hands them the dead man's license and they believe he's the dead man -- Louis Deverman, the town's new police chief, who was just hired, sight unseen, to come clean up the town's corruption. Now Mason must pretend to be Deverman and hope no one find's out who he really is -- or worse, blame him for killing the real Deverman!

A MCP Production - Released by Pacific International Enterprises
Originally Released June, 1959 - black & white - 71
 minutes - mono

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