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Starring Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudio Drake, Edmund MacDonald, Tim Ryan, Esther Howard, Roger Clark, Pat Gleason. Original novel and screenplay by Martin Goldsmith. Produced by Leon Fromkess. Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. 

This is it!  The defining motion picture of all film noir, written by Academy Award nominee Martin Goldman and directed by legendary B-movie director Edgar G. Ulmer (THE BLACK CAT). Handsome 1940s leading man Tom Neal plays a down-on-his-luck nightclub performer who takes one wrong turn and picks up the meanest broad in all noir, played to perfection by the incomprable Ann Savage, in the most powerful and riveting performance ever recorded on celluliod.     

A P.R.C. Pictures Production - Released by Producer's Releasing Corporation  
Originally released Nov. 7, 1945 - 67 min. - b&w- mono