Detour (1992)

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Starring Tom Neal, Jr., Lea Lavish, Susanna Foster, Erin McGrane, Duke Howze, Brad Bittiker. Production design and photography by Jeff Richardson. Musical score by Bill Crain. Post-production: Herbert L. Strack. Associate producers: Ben Moossman and Brian Mossman. Produced and directed by Wade Williams. 

Academy Award nominee Martin Goldsmith's savage story of a nightclub musician hitchhiking to Hollywood, when fate forces him on a detour of terror and murder in the form of Vera, the meanest broad in all of noir (played to perfection by Lea Lavish). Introducing Tom Neal, Jr., reprising the role that made his father a noir legend in the original 1945 classic.  Also starring Erin McGrane as the nightclub star, Brad Bittiker as the cowboy actor and legendary actress Susanna Foster (PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) in her triumphant return to the screen! 

Produced at the Film Works Studio, Kansas City, MO
Originally Released in 1992 - 91 min. - color - stereo
Color by Deluxe