The Hitch-Hiker

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Starring Edmond O'Brien, Frank Lovejoy, William Talman, Sam Hayes, Wendel Niles. Screenplay by Ida Lupino and Collier Young. Adapted by Robert Joseph. Produced by Collier Young. Directed by Ida Lupino. 

A fishing vacation becomes a terrifying trip of terror for Edmnd O'Brien and Frank Lovejoy when they are captured by a ruthless William Talman, who thumbs rides and then robs and kills the good Samaritans that stop for him. Stark, raw drama expertly directed by famed Hollywood actress-producer-director Ida Lupino, with an intense, unforgettable performance by William Talman as the Hitch-hiker.     

A RKO Radio Pictures Production - Released by RKO Pictures  
Originally released April 30, 1953 - 71 min. - b&w- mono