Starring Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines, Charles Coburn, Helen Walker, Anna May Wong. Screenplay by Dorothy Reid and Jay Dratler. Produced by Leo C. Popkin. DIrected by Arthur Lubin.  Executive Producer: Harry M. Popkin. 

Millionaire-industrialist Walter Williams (Brian Donlevy) is marked for murder by his sexy young wife and her seedy lover. When the insidious plot ends in a firey disaster, Williams is thought dead. In reality, he awakens in a small town without a clue of who he is or what happened.  But as his memory starts to return, his shattered life becomes an out-of-control rollercoaster ride of suspense and excitement. This hard-boiled thriller snaps with smart hell-frosted dialogue and has more twists than a rusty corkscrew. IMPACT is truly a forgotten film noir masterpiece that is destined to be re-discovered.

A Harry M. Popkin Production - Produced by Cardinal Pictures, Inc.
Released by United Artists on April 1, 1949 - 111 min. - b&w - mono

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