The Other Side of Madness

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Starring Debbie Duff, Brian Klinknett, Phyllis Estes, Paula Shannon, Erica Bigelow, Richard Kaplan, Gary Donovan, Linda Van, Kelly Cap. Screenplay by Ron Shepherd. Produced by Wade Williams. Directed, photographed and edtied by Frank Marshall

You are there every horrifying moment as the Manson "family" commit the most henious murders in the history of Hollywood. Filmed while the Manson trial was still in progress, this modern "noir" proved so shocking it was actually banned in Los Angeles.  Photographed and directed by award-winning filmmaker Frank Howard, with sequences actually filmed with the "family" at the Spawn Ranch. Charlie Manson performs his songs, MECHANICAL MAN and GARBAGE DUMP on the soundtrack.  Warning: This docu-drama is so graphic it could not be shown on TV.  Not for the squemish!

Originally Released in 1971- 83 min
b&w  with sequence in Deluxe Color - 71