The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

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Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott, Van Heflin, Judith Anderson, Roman Bohnen. Screenplay by Robert Rossen. Cinematography by Victor Milner. Music by Miklos Rozsa. Produced by Hal B. Wallis. Directed by Lewis Milestone. 

Barbara Stanwyck is Martha Ivers, a ruthless wealthy industrialist who inherited her fortune from a rich aunt she accidentally killed when she was a teenage. Now her livelihood is threatened when an ex-boyfriend shows up to expose her murderous past. Barbara Stanwyck and Kirk Douglas (in his film debut) star as the meanest two characters in all of film noir!  With standout performances by Van Heflin, Judith Anderson and sexy blonde noir vixen Lizabeth Scott in one of her earliest screen roles.     

A Hal Wallis Production - Released by Paramount Pictures  
Originally released July 24, 1946- 116 min. - b&w- mono