The Second Woman

Starring Robert Young, Betsy Drake, Florence Bates, Jason Robards, John Sutton, Henry O'Neill, Morris Carnovsky, Jean Rogers. Screenplay by Robert Smith, based on the musical themes of Tchaikovsky, under the direction of Nat W. Finston. Directed by James V. Kern.  Produced by Harry M. Popkin and Mort Briskin. 

Betsy Drake plays Ellen, a beautiful young woman travelling alone. She meets a handsome stranger on a train (Robert Young) and is immediately taken by his charm. She soon discovers his wife was mysteriously killed on their honeymoon and he is haunted by dark visions of her death. Ellen is drawn deeper and deeper into a realm of mystery and desire that leads her to the strange, remote cliffhouse that holds the secret to this atmospheric thriller. 

A Harry M. Popkin Production, filmed under the title of ELLEN
Released by United Artists on January 15, 1950 - 91 min. - b&w - mono

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