Champagne For Caesar

Starring Ronald Coleman, Celeste Holm, VIncent Price, Art Linkletter, Barbara Britton and Mel Blanc as the voice of Caesar. Story and screenplay by Hans Jacoby and Fred Brady. Music ritten and directed by Dimitri Tompkin. Produced by  George Moskov. Directed by Richard Whorf.  Executive Producer: Harry M. Popkin. 

A riotous comedy about an unemployed genius who becomes a contestant on television's biggest quiz show and proceeds to win the company from the show's sponsor. Vincent Price gives the best performance of his career as the eccentric owner of the Milady Soap empire. Brilliant film comedy with superb performances by Academy Award winners Ronald Coleman and Celeste Holm. A rolickin, romantic film on everyone's top ten list.

A  Cardinal Pictures, Inc. Production
Released by United Artists on April 7, 1950 - 99 min. - b&w - mono

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