The Thief

Starring Ray Milland, Martin Gabel, Rita Gam, Harry Bronson, John McKutchenson, Rita Vale, Rex O'Malley, Joe Conlin. Written by Clarence Green and Russell Rouse. Music by Hershel Gilbert. Produced by Clarence Green. Directed by Russell Rouse.  Executive Producer: Harry M. Popkin. 

Hitchcockesque thriller about a communist spy who kills an FBI agent and is haunted by his guilty conscience. The most unique suspense story of the sound era without a single word spoken. A product of the Cold War era when communists were infiltrating every aspect of American life. Academy Award-winner Ray Milland stars in this moody political thriller.

A Fran Production, Inc. Presentation -  Released by United Artists
Originally released on October 10, 1952 - 85 min. - b&w - mono

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