The Big Wheel

Starring Mickey Rooney, Thomas Mitchell, Lina Romay, Michael O'Shea, Mary Hatcher, Spring Byington, Hattie McDaniels, Steve Brodie. Screenplay by Robert Smith. Produced by Samuel Stiefel, Mort Brisken and Jack Dempey. Directed by Edward Ludwig. Executive Producer: Harry M. Popkin. 

Mickey Rooney is all grown up as Bill Coy, the son of a famous Indianapolis 500 race car driver who died in a crash in the final laps of the race. Always living in the shadow of his late father, Billy races his way to the Indy 500 to face his fears and claim his family legacy.

A Harry M. Popkin - Sam Stiefel - Jack Dempsey Production
Released by United Artists on November 4, 1949 - 92 min. - b&w - mono

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