Phantom From Space

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Starring Noreen Nash, Ted Cooper, Rudolph Anders, James Seay, Harry Landers, Leia Nelson and Dick Sands as the Phantom. Cinematography by William Clothier. Special Effects by Howard A. Anderson. Screenplay by Bill Raynor and Myles Wilder. Produced and directed by W. Lee WIlder.

A flying saucer crash off the coast of Santa Monica and a visitor from another world escpaes, pursued by scientists and reporters. They track him to the Griffith Observatory, where they discover he's invisible -- and deadly! Made at the height of the "flyng saucer" scare, this film tapped into the paranoia of  1950s America.  Produced and directed by Billy Wilder's brother, Lee.

A Planet Filmplays Production - Released by United Artists
Originally released May 15, 1953 - 72 min. - b&w - mono

Copyright February 27, 1953  (LP 4658), copyright renewed