The Astounding She Monster

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Starring Robert Clarke, Keene Duncan, Shirley Kilpatrick, Marilyn Harvey, Loraine Ashcroft.  Screenplay by Frank Hall and Ronnie Ashcroft. Cinematography by William C. Thompson. Music by Guenther Kauer. Produced and directed by Ronnie Ashcroft. Consultant: Edward D. Wood Jr. (uncredited).

Hollywood gangsters kidnap a Beverly Hills socialite and hide out in a remote mountain cabin, where a sexy she monster from outer space arrives to bring handsome leading man, Robert Clarke, a message and to heat up his hormones!  One problem with this cosmic encounter -- her touch is deadly, so no messing around!  Producer-director Ronnie Ashcroft's first feature, guided by his friend and mentor, Edward D. Wood, Jr., whose uncredited help gives this film that unmistakable scent of Wood.

An American International Release
Originally released in 1958 - 77 min. - b&w - mono

Copyright February 1, 1958, copyright renewed (RE 258-442)