The Day It Came To Earth

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Starring Rita Wilson, Wink Roberts, Delight DeBruine, ROger Manning, Bob Ginnavan, Ed Love and George Gobel as The Professor. Screenplay by Paul Fisk. Music by Joe Southerland. Cinematography by Mike Varner. Executive Producer: Harry Z. Thomason. Produced by John Braden. Directed by Harry Z. Thomason.

Saturday night as a Little Rock college campus, not much happening other than the obligatory panty raids and scantily-clad campus cuties heating up the hormones of the local frat boys. That is, until a flaming meteor crashes into a nearby swamp and unleashes a life form so terrifying that it defies description! Directed by Harry Z. Thomason (DESIGNING WOMEN) and introducing screen newcomer, Rita Wilson, best for her role in VOLUNTEERS, which co-starred her future husband, Tom Hanks.

A Originally  Released in 1977 by Howco International Pictures
84 min. - color - stereo - Color by Eastman Color