Devil Girl From Mars

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Starring Hazel Court, Hugh McDermott, Patricia Laffan, Adrienne Corri, Jesoph Tornelly. Screenplay by John C. Mather and James Eastwood. Produced by Edward J. and Harry Lee Danzinger. Directed by David MacDonald.

Women beware! This cosmic vixen has come for your husbands, boyfriends and brothers. Her mission: Bring men back to Mars to mate with a planet of sex-starved she-devils who need fresh breeding stock to re-populate the red planet!  A beautifully-crafted British production with inspired production design and special effects, plus classy international beauty, Hazel Court, make this a true gem of Atomic Age science fiction.

A Danzinger Production - Originally released in 1954
Running Time: 77 min. - b&w - mono

Copyright June 1, 1954 (LP 4658)
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